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I freeze my cakes - so sue me!

I’m hearing audible gasps of shock... but don’t fret. Freezing your cakes is actually a GOOD thing and I’m here to tell you why.

For some reason, freezing your cakes can get a really bad rap…but fresh isn’t always best. (Yep, I just said that).

Don’t get me wrong - freshly baked cake is awesome (and delicious!) - but there are SO many upsides to freezing your cakes, I don’t know why people don’t do it more often.

I’ve come to the conclusion that most people are afraid to freeze their cakes because they think it compromises on taste and freshness. But in truth, it really doesn’t - there’s no bad effect on the flavour or quality (if frozen correctly). In fact, I’d go as far to say that the cake tastes EVEN BETTER after it’s been defrosted.

When I first started cake decorating, I admittedly was in the “freshly-baked” camp. Though that all changed when I had to make 180 cupcakes and a 1 tier cake for a co-worker’s wedding. There’s NO WAY I could bake AND decorate that many cakes a day before the event. So I took the plunge and baked (and froze) all my cakes in advance. To my relief, everyone raved about the taste of my cakes!

That was the day I opened up my eyes to the big pros of freezing cake and boy was it awesome!

So just in case you need a little convincing, here are my top three reasons why you should embrace the frozen cake:


  • Freezing your cake adds moisture
    Freezing your cakes is one of the best things you can do to lock in that extra moisture! When your cakes are warm, wrap your cakes in plastic wrap (to trap in that steam) and pop your cakes in the freezer. Your cake is guaranteed to taste super moist AND fresh.

    Commies Cupcakes students enjoying a cupcake

  • Convenience (and stress reliever)
    Have upcoming cakes to make for family and friends? If you know you’ve got a busy few weeks ahead of you, bake those cakes in advance, freeze them and then defrost closer to the date. It’ll be a load off your mind knowing that one part of the process is already done (you’ll definitely thank yourself later!).
  • Cake is easier to decorate with
    Frozen/semi defrosted cake is PERFECT for levelling, stacking and frosting your cakes. The cakes are firm which makes it 100% easier to handle. It not only makes the whole decorating process faster, it also allows you to create a nicer finish on your cake.

So with those three points in mind, I encourage you all to “come to the dark side” and at least have a go at freezing your cakes. Not only is it massively convenient but they also taste pretty damn awesome too!

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