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So here’s something I’ve been noticing on the regular...

When we're stuck in a rut and need to find inspiration for our cake designs, we tend to look at - and rely on - other cake decorators (and their work) for ideas. Why is this?

For me personally, I find that looking at other people’s cake work (for inspiration) stunts my own creativity. Instead of sparking inspiration, it actually kills my spark. 

By filling your social feeds with other cake decorators, you’re allowing yourself to be influenced by their designs and ultimately hindering your own development and creative growth. It’s easy to get distracted by what other decorators are doing and fall into the comparison trap.

Instead, I choose to follow people from other industries that inspire me to create, help me grow and flourish my ideas and creativity. 

Here are my top 5 must-have follows for some creative cake inspiration:

1. Emily Green
Jewellery designer whose bright and vibrant work explores bold patterning and clever colour combinations.

2. Tiff Manuell
One-of-a-kind hand-painted clutches and totes. AH-MAZ-ING mix of colour combinations and freestyle brush technique.

3. Crazy For Couture
An Instagram account dedicated to bringing you daily fashion, art and couture inspirations - this account is a goldmine for cake ideas!


4 .Victoria Vilasana
Victoria is a Mexican textile artist whose trademark pieces include portrait and street art installations embellished with yarn - an incredible surreal aesthetic. 


5. Natasha Martin - Violet Tinder Studios
Creative and high impact still life photography

So do yourself a favour and step back from the cake world, while being inspired by colour, form, texture and themes in other industries, spaces or environments. Some of the best ideas come from the most unexpected of places. 


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