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It takes time and experience to develop your skills, perfect your cake processes and build your confidence.

The only way you CAN learn is by making mistakes and using those “fails” as opportunities for growth and experience.

But sometimes…it’s nice to get a little heads up if you’re going in the completely wrong direction. I mean, who doesn’t want to avoid costly mistakes?

Here is a list of the top 5 mistakes I see cake decorators making on a regular basis:

Amber surrounded by fondant cutters and moulds

1. Using too many fondant cutters and moulds
When everyone is using the same cutters and moulds, everyone’s cakes look generic and sterile, like they’ve all been pumped out of a factory. 

Now don’t get me wrong – I completely understand the appeal of using moulds. But I can’t help but feel that we’re stunting our true potential. 

The magic of cake making are in those human touches and “flaws” that give your cake character and personality. It’s time to start creating more handcrafted pieces and break away from the mould (haha, see what I did there?).

2. Not planning out cakes in advance
I love that excitement you experience when you first start making a cake. So many ideas just run through your head and it’s easy to get carried away. But with no plan in place, you can easily end up cluttering your cake with different ideas and decorations. Unfortunately, this makes your cakes appear unprofessional and overwhelming.

Before you even turn on that oven, plan out your cake in advance and make sure you KISS >>> Keep It Simple Stupid. 

Strip back your design, be intentional with your decorations and make sure every element has a reason to be there. This will ensure you produce a professional, impacting cake design that evokes emotion and builds connection with your audience (everytime).

3. Not allowing enough time to get everything done
Giving yourself a tight turn around time for cake orders isn’t doing yourself any favours – it’s stressful and it’s easy for mistakes to happen. 

When you plan out your cake-making days, make sure you give yourself a bit of ‘breathing room’ (e.g. a day or two) to give yourself time to fix any issues that may crop up in the cake making process.

Cake Deadline on calendar

4. Obsessively follow cake trends
When you restrict yourself to replicating on-trend cake designs, you don’t give yourself the chance to experiment, explore other cake techniques and develop your own style.

Not to mention that when EVERYONE is creating the same on-trend cakes, your cakes all look exactly. the. same. You don’t have a cake identity – you just blend in with the sea of other on-trend cakes.

It’s time to stop replicating other people’s ideas and challenge yourself to be original. Not in the hope that it will be ‘the next big thing’, but just for the fun of it – to learn new techniques, to explore your ideas, to be different from the cake crowd and to be seen as a leader and inventor within your cake community. 

5. Asking friends and family for cake advice
I think it’s bluddy great that you’re asking for feedback, because it clearly means you’re eager to learn and improve your cake skills. 

Here’s the thing though…you won’t get good advice from people who have no cake decorating experience and aren’t trained in design  #truthbomb

Instead, talk to experienced cake decorators for their advice or consider approaching decorators to mentor or coach you.

If you want valuable advice that’ll take your decorating to the next level, always turn to the professionals.

Let me know which points you relate to the most? Pop in the comments below and let’s chat! 

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