Drab to Fab Design & Fondant Class - 9am, Saturday 18 August 2018

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Drab to Fab Design & Fondant Class - 9am, Saturday 18 August 2018


Drab to Fab Design & Fondant Class

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Create cakes like a pro in this one day intensive class - guaranteed to take your work to the next level

When I first started cake decorating as a hobby, I can vividly remember feeling uncertain and a bit 'blah’ about my own cake work. I felt my cakes always seemed amateurish and no matter what I did, they were never as good as "the others”. You know the people I’m talking about - the amazing professionals with their flawless cake designs and incredible skills. I was impatient and wanted to get better fast, yet I had no idea how to improve or where to start. One day, it hit me like a tonne of bricks - why don't I combine my graphic design skills with my cake decorating work? It was at this moment that my cake work TRANSFORMED.

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If you want to move beyond beginner cake and cupcake designs and dramatically increase both your technical and design skills, my Drab to Fab Design & Fondant Class is for you! It’s guaranteed to help you take your wonderful creations to the next level and give you the confidence to hit the ground running.

In this value-packed class, you will:

  • Learn how to apply basic design elements and principles to your cake designs to instantly add the "WOW" factor.
  • Improve your technical knowledge which is key to taking your cake work to the next level, including modern cake decorating techniques that will keep your work fresh, on-trend, yet uniquely YOU!
  • Receive professional cake tips and techniques to create a polished finish EVERY time - hot off the press!

I believe combining a few basic tricks of the (design) trade is the secret sauce to take YOUR work to the next level. With a bit of prep, this whole cake thing is about to become a lot easier for you! You’ll leave this class feeling confident with your new and improved skills ready to ace your future cake projects like a *real* pro. Plus, your new abilities will be hard to ignore, so you're bound to gain more respect from your cake peers - BONUS! Knowledge is power right?!

Stuff you'll learn

Part 1: Design

  • Learn the process of designing a cake from start to finish. If you want to achieve amazing, professional results, it’s time to get into the habit of pre-planning and designing!
  • Learn seven design elements and principles that will take your work to the next level. These elements and principles will be the foundation for your future work and it will help you think about your creations in a whole new way. This includes:
    - How to create colour combos that work with your theme and pack a punch. Utilise your colour wheel! 
    - How to create focal points & visual flow in your own cake work so that you can engage the viewers eye and create a lasting impact
    - How white space is your best friend when it comes to creating focal points, balancing elements and improving aesthetics

Part 2: Cake techniques

Now it's time to put what you've learnt into practice!

  • You'll create 6 decorated cupcakes (pictured above) that utilise most of the design elements and principles you learnt in the first half of the lesson. 
    -  Create domed cupcake toppers for added interest and depth
    -  How to marble fondant to create a timeless and elegant appearance
    -  Apply gold leaf to fondant for that extra touch of glamour
    -  How to use wire to support small fondant shapes
    -  Wafer paper rolled roses & shapes - essential tips to get you started decorating with wafer paper
    -  Bring a flat wafer paper image (zebra) to life by applying your own custom details. Applying your own details to a standard 2D image is what marks a true professional.
  • PLUS cake decorating tips on how to create that professional and polished finish


"I have been cake decorating for a while now, I'm still very amateur, and it was incredibly insightful to have a lesson one on one with an experienced cake decorator - there's only so much you can learn from YouTube. This was my second class with Commie's Cupcakes and certainly not my last. Information is definitely key to successful cake decorating, and knowing the hints, tips and tricks  you learn from Amber's class is invaluable. I cannot recommend Commie's Cupcakes enough!"
Kimberly Mackenzie-Ross


"Well can I just say that this demonstration evening was fabulous. Well organised, informative, comfortable and entertaining. The presenter from Commie's Cupcakes was delightful. She came to the area where we were waiting to enter the training room and introduced herself to all of us personally. She engaged with us about her journey as a baker and a graphic designer and her enthusiasm was highly contagious. She was confident in her abilities and yet humble at the same time. Her attention to detail was impeccable and her preparation for the demonstration went above and beyond what was required. The notes detailing the demonstration which Amber prepared means we can all go home and copy her skills without looking away from the demo to write notes or take photos. Your step by step models were so useful when explaining the steps involved in the process. Thank you for a fabulous engaging and informative night".
Dianna Kaliviotis


"Did a class with Amber & a friend today and wow! Thanks for the great class! If your looking to start somewhere but don’t know where Amber is your girl! Thanks for the laughs. Amber is very knowledgeable an would definitely recommend anyone whose thinking about a class just do it you won’t regret it."
Amanda Miller


"Thank you Amber for introducing me to a new skill. I thoroughly enjoyed my lesson today and my granddaughters are going to as well. Loved your lesson which you explained so well."
Robyn Nicoll


"Went to my first ever cupcake decorating class on Saturday with 2 of my co-workers. Loved the class, it was informative relaxed and very enjoyable. I even spent Sunday trying to recreate what I had learnt. Highly recommended."
Cathy, Trish and Paula


What you get

Continue to create fab work at home by utilising my take home pack (which you'll always be able to refer back to) - It includes a mini pocket colour wheel plus extensive course notes. Let's not forget that you ALSO get to take home the 6 beautiful cupcakes that you created in class!

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  • All our classes require a minimum number of students to proceed. If your class does not have enough students we reserve the right to cancel it up to 72 hours before the time of the class.
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  • We will inform you of a cancellation or change of venue by email. If we cancel the class or move it to a location that is no longer convenient, you will be offered a full refund.

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