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Goold old Vinny – he knew exactly what he was talking about.

This has to be one of my many favourite inspirational quotes…simple, but oh. so. true. 

All the big, amazing things that happen in your life? They start off small.

Don’t hate those baby steps you’re taking, because those very steps lead to even better and greater things. 

But I know all too well that sometimes it just feels like you’re running around in circles – they’ve been so many times where I felt my steps weren’t taking me anywhere. At times, it just felt easier to give up and focus on a new, exciting idea that would give me instant gratification (but ultimately wouldn’t allow me to reach my big goals). 

I’m so glad I pushed through, stayed the course and got that massive pay off. 

We just have to remember that there’s no such thing as overnight success – things take time and hard work. You have to take small steps and build up to it.

In times of self-doubt (and unfortunately, they’ll be a few of them…) avoid sabotaging yourself with the ‘comparison game’ and that self-hate spiral. Instead, just focus on YOUR next step and the fact that you’re actually stepping. 

Taking the smallest step is still big progress made towards that end-goal. 

Whatever your goal is, stay the course and celebrate those small – but amazing – wins. Because ultimately they’ll lead you to your biggest successes.

Give it time. Trust me.

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