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In this 3-part video series, you’ll discover my three step process for developing your own unique cake style - including instant downloads for guaranteed success!

Typically when you enter into the cake world you’re a jack of all trades. Aunty Karen wants a unicorn cake for your cousins 10th birthday? Done! Or how about a two tier naked wedding cake for your bestie Emma? Sure thing, you've got her covered.

You become a cake chameleon - changing your style and direction depending on what people need you to provide, and often what helps bring customers in the door and a steady stream of money in the bank. We’ve all been there...

Initially it’s great, because it allows you to learn all these new decorating techniques and expand your knowledge of the cake world.

But after a while you feel lost in the world of cake trends and get tired of imitating other people's don't feel as inspired and your motivation starts to drop #itsucks #ivebeentheretoo. 

You want to rise up from mediocrity, find your own identity within the cake & baking industry and become known for creating amazing, innovative cakes with your own unique style.

The big question is - HOW do you find your own signature cake style? And where do you even start??

Don't stress, my new kick-ass cake class has you covered.

'How to Find your Signature Cake Style' will define your cake direction and give you the jumpstart you need to cultivate your creative flair and develop your own unique style.

Above all, you'll learn how to embrace your creative inner-self and confidently stand out amongst the sea of cookie-cutter cakes #cakesuperstar.

This class is

  • You’re tired of imitating the latest cake trends and copying other people’s work for cake orders. You want to start creating amazing and innovative cakes in your own unique style but just aren’t sure where to start.
  • You want to stand out in the sea of cookie-cutter cakes and become the ‘go-to’ person in your new cake niche.
  • You want to find that creative spark again, feel creatively fulfilled and create cakes that you love to create.

You can go through each of the videos at your own pace, and each one includes must-have cheat sheets and guides so you have a game plan that sets you up for success.

You’ll walk away from this class with a clear direction for your cakes and the guidance you need to further develop your own signature cake style. It'll truly change your cake journey!

In How to YOU’LL GET:

Intro to STYLE Success

Learn the three step guide to fast-track your style success, plus discover deep insights from my own cake-style journey.


In part one, you’ll define your cake genre, specific niche and the kind of cakes you want to be known for. This will form the basis of your new cake identity and set up a solid foundation for you to explore and develop your signature cake style further. This is such an important step which will help you to continue to create cakes you love, and are proud of!

Instant Access Download:
Pick Your Genre
Instant Access Download: Get Niche'd


Discover the true secret to finding your signature style, and join me as we dive into the most FAQ’s so you've got the answers to help you stay on track for cake success. After this module, you’ll have a clear direction you need to further develop your own unique style, one cake at a time.

Instant Access Download: 8 Tips to Cultivate Your Creativity

So together ...

let's find your cake style and reignite that creative spark so you can not only create cakes that you love, but become known for your signature cake style.


$ 29 AUD
  • 3 Video Lessons
  • 3 Instant Downloads
  • Free Boss Bakers Membership
  • Access free classes and extras
How to Find Your Signature Cake Style
All designs taught as part of Commie's Cupcakes Boss Bakers Online Classes remain the property of Commie's Cupcakes and may not be reproduced in part or in full for teaching purposes.


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