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The Quick & Easy Colour Guide



Colour has the extraordinary ability to set a mood, evoke emotions, attract attention or make a bold statement. Choosing the right colour palette for your next cake project is *essential* to the success of your cake work.

BUT…picking the right colours can be so overwhelming if you don’t have experience in colour. Have you ever found yourself always using your “safe colours”? AKA the colours you repetitively use over and over again because you know they work? This typically leads to lack of variety and depth of colour in your cakes.

OR do you actually spend ages searching for other people’s cakes and copying their colour ideas, even if they don’t quite match your theme or what your client actually wants? Eek.

The Quick & Easy Colour Guide will save you time and help you to choose your next colour palette with ease, so you can create impact with your next cake project!

In this colourful guide, you’ll receive:

  • Tried-and-tested colour schemes that will guarantee that ‘wow’ factor for your cake designs (science is baking – oops I mean…backing – me up on this one! Thanks Newton!).
  • The golden rule for applying colour to your cakes and achieving colour balance in your designs.
  • A colour wheel showcasing tints, tones and shades of each base colour. This colour wheel will be your visual go-to for selecting your colours!

With The Quick & Easy Colour Guide, you’ll be well on your way to becoming more confident with using colour and creating more impact in your cake work!



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