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Harry Potter Cupcake Class

$89.00 AUD

If you're keen to get started with the basics of cake decorating, or you're just a Harry Potter enthusiast, then this magical (hehe) cupcake class is for you! Escape into the world of magi - oops, I mean... - sugary goodness where you'll learn how to work with fondant and get the basic low down on buttercream. This class will give you the jump start that you need to create your own cake decorations at home!

Where: Gladstone, QLD (New Auckland)

Duration: 3.5 - 4hr

NOTE: No dates are currently available for this class.

COMING SOON: No dates are currently available.


You will learn:

  • How to store fondant
  • Learn how the weather affects how you use fondant
  • How to colour fondant
  • How to model small figurines/shapes
  • How to pipe a buttercream rosette

What’s included:

All tools and materials are provided for you in class. You take home 6 beautifully decorated cupcakes and any leftover fondant.


No classes scheduled at this time.

1 review for Harry Potter Cupcake Class

  1. Rebecca Marie Webb

    Enjoyed the Harry Potter fondant class this week, Amber is lovely, very supportive and informative.

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