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Change Makers Book – Vol 5


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The No.1 Amazon Best Seller in Australia, USA & Germany, Change Makers Volume 5 holds the transformational stories of 21 power-house women from across the world; from as far afield as the red dust of outback Australia to the sprawling metropolis of New York City.

Their transformative journeys have fuelled a desire to serve others, create meaningful businesses, and enrich lives.

Women in tech, health experts, creative visionaries, healers, advocates for Indigenous youth, inspirational entrepreneurs and coaches: Volume 5 is yet another fabulous celebration of women from diverse age groups and backgrounds; across numerous professions and modalities.

You’ll be energised by their passion for creating change and moved by stories of loss, renewal and courage. Their unique insights will inspire you to overcome your limitations, until your own vision for impact becomes a reality!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to shake things up and challenge the status quo! It’s time to be a Change Maker!

From the co-author: Amber Comadira-Smith

I feel so honoured to be published alongside 20 inspiring women in Change Makers Volume 5. My chapter details the many obstacles I’ve faced in my business journey – but more importantly – how I overcame them to create the thriving business I have today. It’s been a wild ride; I’ve experienced the highest of highs (“omg I spoke in front of 150 people?!”) and the lowest of lows (“do I want to do this anymore?”). I hope that by reading my story, it will inspire you to embrace change and invest in yourself to reach continued success in your career.


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