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Cake Fail Action Plan



Cake fails – it’s every cakers worst nightmare.

When we find ourselves in those cake fail situations, it’s easy to let the panic take over. That sick feeling washes over you and your brain goes into overdrive…

You internally scream to yourself “how am I going to fix this??” #failureisnotanoption

Trust me, I COMPLETELY understand that feeling.

My cake fails range from decorations falling apart due to humidity, to cakes being damaged in transportation. One time I accidentally left my ganached cake under a sunny window and half of it melted off onto the table….

I survived it though. I overcame all of those fails (plus more!). But I couldn’t have done it without the techniques in this handy little action plan.

My Cake Fail Action Plan will allow you to refocus and turn your disaster into a win!

In this little wonder guide, you’ll:

  • Unlock the four steps to take back control and refocus when you find yourself in a cake fail situation
  • Utilise the ‘Fail Forward Reflection’ to reflect on your cake fail and move forward with a plan for the future, so can turn your cake fail into a WIN!

This action plan will allow you to take advantage of your “failures” and use them as an opportunity for growth and continued cake success!


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