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Half the fun of baking and decorating is sharing your sweet creation with the world. Good quality photos allow you to capture those intricate details of your cake and showcase your incredible skills.

You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and first impressions DO count.

If you want to learn how to hero your cakes and improve your cake photography, see below my Mobile Photography Checklist to get your kick start into the photography world.

1. Good light = great photo
Quality lighting is the KEY to capturing a good photo. Natural lighting is the most flattering for our cakes – it provides soft, even lighting without any of those harsh shadows. Locate the place in your house with the best, natural lighting and use this area to take photos of your cakes.

The best spot in my house? Conveniently in my dedicated cake room in the early mornings.

Alternatively, you can invest in a studio softbox light (or two) for night time photos or low light areas.

2. Establish your backdrop
Great photos are built from a solid foundation, which is why choosing the right backdrop for your cake photo is important. You don’t want your backdrops competing or clashing with your cake. So choose backdrops that aren’t too busy and free of clutter. If you’re unsure, a backdrop with a neutral colour palette is a great way to start.

3. Enhance your photo with props
Props are a great way to enhance your photos and add visual appeal. Just think of them as an accessory to your cake! The use of props complement and highlight your cake, while also setting the scene for the photo.

BUT…be weary of over cluttering and distracting the eyes away from your cakes. Before placing a prop into your photo, ask yourself “Is this complimenting my cake, or taking away from it?”. Position your props with intention and keep it simple, subtle and natural.

4. Clean your lens
This seems like an obvious one, but so many people actually forget this crucial step. Make sure to clean your lens before taking any photos, so you’re guaranteed to get a clear picture free of smudges, dirt and lint build up.

5. Explore angles
Getting the right angle for your cake is essential to showcasing your incredible work.

At least nail three images that you can use to showoff your skills and use to market your services on social media and your website. For a good selection, I’d recommend taking a full length frontal shot, close up of details and 45 degree angle shot. 

6. Edit before you post
Editing your photos will make them appear clearer and brighter, it will also allow you to correct colours and enable you to highlight the details of your cake.

Sometimes your photo might be too dark or the camera didn’t pick up certain colours on your cake. These are great instances where you can utilise photo editing to reflect your cake in real life.

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Taking a professional, great photo of your cake does require time and effort. But with a little bit of practice and commitment, you’ll be taking amazing photos of your cakes in no time! 

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