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quote: "to live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong"

PREACH. Ain’t this the truth?!

Don’t let the fear of being wrong hold you back from your full potential.

You know what fear does? It shatters dreams. 

Fear is the main reason we don’t explore our talents and experiment with our creativity.

But we all have to realise that fear is a completely normal feeling. When you go bold and try something new, it’s natural for that fear of failure and self doubt to start creeping in… 

DON’T let that fear paralyze you. Instead, acknowledge the fear and just do it anyway.

And so what if you fail? Or make the wrong decision?

It only opens up the door to dozens of new opportunities and ultimately experiences that we can grow and learn from.

Otherwise? You’ll never move forward and you’ll always feel unfulfilled. 

FACT: We create our best cakes when we free ourselves from that fear and let ourselves explore and roam free.

#dontholdback #creativefreedom

You’ve got this.

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