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Do you incorporate white space into your cake designs?

Nope, I’m not referring to outer space (though that would be hella cool).

‘White space’ refers to the empty space between decoration, detail and the focal points on your cake. It gives ‘breathing room’ to your design; ensuring that your cake isn’t too overcrowded and creates that sense of balance between your decorations. It’s also a handy technique to use when you need to create eye catching focal points!

Remember: white space does NOT have to be ‘white’ – it can be any colour.

Here are two examples of how I have used white space to create minimal, sophisticated designs with an eye catching focal point.

The sides of the sequined cake are free from any overpowering decorations. This ‘white space’ allows the viewers eye to be drawn to the large white flower positioned at the top of the cake.


White space has been used to draw your focus to the gold leaf stripe and three flowers positioned towards the middle of the cake. White space has also been used between the three flowers to help move your eye around the cake.

You need to reduce those non-essential ‘fluff’ elements that overcrowd your cake. Instead, make sure you incorporate white space into your cake designs to create a clear focus and a sense of balance between decorations.

Typically, incorporating white space into your cake design will often bring a sense of luxury and sophistication. 

Oo la la!

Less is always more!

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