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The best feeling? Finishing that cake you spent HOURS creating, and knowing that it looks so. damn. good. #killingit

Actually…scratch that.

You wanna know an even BETTER feeling?

When you post a beautiful photo of your cake onto your socials, and BAM – a flurry of love and compliments come sweeping your way.

“Wow, you’re so talented!”

“@kerrie this is the amazing decorator I told you about. Engagement cake??”

“Incredible work as always <3”.

…posting up those precious photos and reading those comments makes all those long hours worthwhile.

Buuuttt….it’s not all rosey. Let’s rewind here and check-in behind the scenes.

Taking a photo and posting it up to socials should be pretty straight forward, right?

You set up your cake – gosh it looks amazing! – and snap the photo. But then you hit a little snag…

You check the photo and you feel…underwhelmed.

You just don’t feel that the photo truly captures all the little details on your cake. And urgh, the colours are showing up a bit funny on your phone, it doesn’t look right at all…

So you sit there for AAGGEESSS editing those photos to get them ‘just right’.

By the time you’re finished? A whole hour (or more!) has been wasted. What a time suck!

And if you’ve got multiple cakes on the go, with photos that need editing? Well…there’s your evening G.O.N.E. (no MKR tonight!). #ivebeenthere

Now… just *imagine* if you could beautifully edit your cake photos with just

Imagine how EASY it would be. No fussing. No time wasted trying to work out those editing apps. AND your photos look amazing.

You could quickly snap, edit and post….and then focus on the more important stuff. Like planning your cakes for the week ahead, spending time with the fam or even just having some quality ‘me time’.

What if I told you that this could be your new reality?

*drum roll*


The Bakers Dozen Preset Collection

This is what you’ve been waiting for! It’s the no fuss, quick editing solution for cake decorators and cake hobbyists.

You’ll discover 13 mobile Lightroom presets, that have been specifically designed to combat common editing issues and enhance your phone photos with just one. simple. click. Hell yeah!

Take your photos from this…to THIS!

I’m so incredibly excited to introduce this product into the Boss Bakers Membership Hub! It will seriously change the way you edit your photos.  Click here to take a look.

Half the fun of baking and decorating is sharing your sweet creation with the world. Good quality photos allow you to capture those intricate details of your cake and showcase your incredible skills.

I can’t wait to see your amazing photo transformations!

Have any questions? Leave a question in the comment section below. 

Happy editing!

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