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Ever just feel stumped for a cake idea?

Or just generally feel creatively and mentally drained?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a cake decorator, writer, actor or musician - creative block can happen to any of us. 

Last time I had major creative block? Well...it was last year when I was approached by Cake Masters Magazine - they asked me to submit a winter themed cupcake tutorial for their 2018 December issue. 

It was a steep two week turnaround time to brainstorm, submit my ideas for approval and create the tutorial from start to finish, including photos and a write up of every step.

I bet you can guess what happened next...

Yep. My good old friend ‘creative block’ decided to pay me a visit.

I was STUMPED for ideas...I’d spend hours just thinking and brainstorming... it was a real struggle and gosh did I feel that pressure to create something amazing and original.

I’m stressing out even just thinking about it...! 

In the end, I managed to get that creative spark I needed and I created a great looking cupcake tutorial that I was very proud of.

But I had taken up SO much time dealing with my creative block, that in the end, I only had two days to finish the WHOLE tutorial from start to finish. Stress level was at 100%. I had truly left it down to the wire...

Luckily, I managed to submit the tutorial JUST in time, with literally a few minutes to spare. *Phew* it was honestly a close call.

My Cake Masters Magazine winter themed cupcake tutorial titled 'My Winter Favourites'

After that incident, I decided I really did need to find better ways of boosting my creativity so I could utilise it when I needed it the most. 

Now I’m not saying my suggestions are full proof, but they have worked for me one time or another when I needed my creative spark. So here are five ways to boost that creativity and kick your creative juices into gear:

  1. Challenge yourself to create for 15 minutes
    Hate all of your ideas? Just not feeling it? Challenge yourself to create something - anything - for at least 15 minutues.

    The act of creating something - even if you don’t like what you’re doing - naturally starts the flow of more ideas. You start to think: “Maybe I could tweak the design this way…?” or “Maybe if I do *insert idea* it might work better?”.

    It's a great way to get your mind working and thoughts flowing.

  2. Collect inspiration
    Create a collection of inspirational images that you can refer back to and utilise to spark your creativity or generate new ideas for future projects.

  3. Remove the pressure of expectations
    Removing expectations will remove the stress and give you the freedom to let your mind wander and enjoy the creating process. You’ve got a way better chance of coming up with awesome ideas when your mind is relaxed and happy.

  4. Practice makes perfect
    Practicing your craft on a regular basis keeps your creative brain ticking. The more you practice and create, the easier it will be for your mind to solve creative problems and develop new ideas.

  5. Take regular breaks
    This point is ALWAYS underestimated, but gosh it’s so important. You have to make sure to take regular breaks to refuel your mind and gain perspective of the situation. It’s also great to take breaks to increase your productivity, so make sure you don’t skip out on this one! 

And there you have it...my top five tips to boost your creativity and beat the dreaded creative block. Be sure to join the Boss Bakers Membership Hub for more cakey tips and inspiration (more content coming soon!).

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