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Cake talk: interview with Kendra Groves – wildchild cakes

If you love colourful, abstract and out-of-the-box cake designs, then you’ve come to the right place!

In today’s Cake Talk interview, I chat with Kendra from WildChild Cakes, who specialises in bespoke buttercream cakes for all occasions (but gosh, they are so much more!). 

Always on the lookout for the unique and colourful, Kendra is a refreshing breath of fresh of air when I scroll through my Instagram feed. It’s so exciting to see a cake designer who isn’t afraid to experiment with different mediums and create “out there” design concepts.

Like Kendra says, “It’s your uniqueness that will set you apart from the pack!” ​​

Enjoy the read!

How did you get started in the cake decorating industry? Have you always been creatively inclined?

Funny story I actually started out in theatre and 5 years ago I was living in the UK auditioning, but times were hard so I needed a job. Long story short I “stretched” the truth on my CV and said I’d worked in kitchens and could bake and decorate cakes! I bluffed my way through a big interview and got the job! This job was the start for me and since then I’ve never looked back!

I absolutely love your abstract and out-of-the-box cake designs! It’s refreshing to see decorators (such as yourself) experiment with different mediums and explore new concepts away from the current cake trends. Could you give us some insight into how you design your cakes? What’s your creative process like?

Aw thanks! My creative process is always a tricky thing to explain, it’s like explaining how your brain is wired! Haha ok I’ll try to explain with something I was once taught when I was in arts school. Twice a week I had contemporary dance classes, and even though I’d never call myself a dancer, I always looked forward to it cause it was just so damn weird! 

We once spent a whole class spelling our names with our bodies, and slowly modifying the movement we each had created to create a beautiful dance in the end! This is how I see cakes, I might see a photograph, a flower, even a strip of fabric and all my brain thinks is wow how can I modify this into a cake?

I’ve noticed you use an array of different mediums to decorate your cakes. Do you have a favourite medium you love to play with?

I always try to find new mediums, but rice paper as always been my first love!

What are your favourite cakes to make and decorate?

Anything colourful! And I especially love when I’m able to have free rein!

Where do you turn to for inspiration? I know I personally seek inspiration from other industries, like polymer clay jewellery and art installations.


Everywhere! I love fashion and really feel that my cakes tend to reflect how I dress haha, but in general my inspiration is limitless!

Lastly, do you have any advice for cake decorators who want to stand out from the cake crowd and find their own unique style?

Don’t compare yourself to others, you are unique and amazing! This market is full of crazy talented people, but it’s your uniqueness that will set you apart from the pack! If you copy other people’s ideas you’ll never have ideas of your own! Have courage and trust your own creative mind.


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