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Planning For Cake Perfection Masterclass

Learn to plan & design your cakes with intention, so you can create incredible cakes, every time.

This masterclass is the ultimate guide for planning & designing your cakes! I’ll show you my step-by-step process on planning for cake perfection, plus share my design secrets for professional and engaging cake compositions.

This if:

  • You want to charge more money for your cakes, but you just don't feel as though your work is 'good enough' .

  • You have too many ideas and struggle with narrowing down the details and direction...or the opposite - you struggle to come up with exciting cake concepts that’ll grab people’s attention.

  • You find your covering you're cake in fondant, but don't really know exactly how you're going to decorate it.

  • The amazing cake you pictured in your head just doesn’t look as good as the one you created in real life.

  • You get overwhelmed with all the cake-making steps, which leaves you rushing to finish the cake before deadline. 

The planning For Cake Perfection Masterclass will remove the overwhelm and give you
the clear roadmap you need to take your cakes to the next level

to guarantee success at home, you'll receive must-have cheat sheets, planning briefs and guides, so you have a clear game plan that sets you up for baking perfection.

This masterclass will help you take your cakes to the next level. You’ll walk away feeling damn confident in your new-found planning skills and inspired to create! And the best bit? You'll be able to create a cake that looks exactly as you imagined it.

In we'll cover:

Part 1: Gather Intel

In part one, you’ll discover the important first step to cake perfection and why it's so important to your overall end result (trust me, this is a crucial first step you can't miss).

Instant Access Download:
The Cake Design Brief
Instant Access Download: The Cake Serving Guide

Part 2: Collate For Your Cake

Here comes the fun part! This is where you’ll create your “baking dossier” filled with inspiration and images. You’ll discover the best way to collate your ideas to translate into a cake masterpiece.

Instant Access Download: The Baking Inspiration Dossier

Part 3: Oodles of Doodles

Break out your coloured pencils! Here’s where you’ll learn how to get your designs on paper. From rough doodles to fine-tuned ideas, you’ll be able to marry your inspiration to your final cake design.

Instant Access Download: The No-Fuss Cake Sketching Framework
Instant Access Download: Your Secret Recipe For Design Success

Part 4: Success Straight Outta the Oven

Voilà! You have planned your cakes with intention and now you have a cake design that you’re proud of. We'll now plan out your cake-making days so we can ensure your baking goes off without a hitch.

Instant Access Download: The Cake Master Presentation Template
Instant Access Download: The Must-Have Cake Planning Recipe


So together ...

let’s equip you with the tools and techniques you'll need to plan and design your cakes for success (before you even think about turning on that oven!)

Planning For Cake Perfection Masterclass

$ 49 AUD
  • Sunday 27th September
  • 9:30am - 12:00pm
  • 21 Off Street, Gladstone


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