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Fact: you can’t create a cake without knowing the type of event your catering for or what the client actually wants #truth 

That’s why the first step to starting ANY new cake project involves filling out a ‘design brief’.

*crickets chirping*

*person in the back hesitantly raises their hand* “What is this design-brief-thing exactly…?”

Good question. Let me explain this “mysterious” document to you and WHY you need to start utilising it ASAP in your business…

To keep it simple, a design brief is the ‘who, what, when and why’ form for ALL cake orders, that’s completed by yourself and your client at the start of EVERY cake project

The brief contains the core details for your cake order – anything from design aesthetic to cake flavours – giving you a clear direction for your cake design and your cake-making process.

The type of questions on the brief go beyond the usual ‘what event is it for?’ questions you field on Facebook >>> it asks you to take an in-depth dive into the needs of the client and the emotional message and theme you need to convey with your cake design.

No more guessing games or ‘hoping for the best’, no more constant back-and-forth between you and the customer over Facey to clarify all the details…

If you want to achieve amazing, professional results, it’s time to get into the habit of pre-planning your cakes. It’s all about ‘designing with intention’ <<< you’ll get sick of me spouting this phrase, but gos it’s SO. TRUE. 

Trust me, this ‘design brief’ thing is your new cake-making bestie.

Planning = recipe for cake success. ALWAYS.

Do you use a design brief for your cake orders? Let me know in the comments below. 

P.s. My first module in my online class ‘Planning For Cake Perfection’ is allll about the ‘design brief’. Bonus? You can download a copy of my own design brief template to use for your own cake orders. *high five* Hell yeah!  Click here to find out more about the class.


Download the freebie and get started today!

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