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We all get that excitement when we first start making a cake…

…so many ideas run through your head and you just don’t know where to start or what direction to go in. Which colours will you choose? What about the fondant decorations? Oh, and the sprinkles! 

You have too many creative ideas, but it’s better than nothing, right? 

So you pull out all your moulds, cutters, fondant, and whatever else you can find, and excitedly get creating. 

You think proudly to yourself, “This cake is going to look ah-mazing!”.

You get carried away and before you know it – ‘Ta da!’ – the cake is finished and you breathe that sigh of relief. 

You take a step back to soak in the gorgeousness that is your cake.


You end up feeling pretty disappointed.

The amazing cake you pictured in your head just doesn’t look as good as the one you created in real life.

And you don’t immediately understand why – you were so excited and had all these great ideas…it felt like a winning scenario. 

Does this sound all too familiar…?

Let me tell you where you went wrong: you didn’t design your cake with intention.

Instead, you decided to ‘go with the flow’ and naturally became carried away with your ideas. Without a plan in place, you just threw your cake and fondant decorations together with no thought process. .

It’s no wonder the end result didn’t meet your expectations and didn’t have that visual impact you were hoping for.

Honestly? It’s the most common mistake I’ve noticed in the cake decorating industry.

Planning For Cake Perfection - Course Image

Creating a beautiful, pinterest-worthy cake all comes down to designing with intention. 100%.

Decorate and design your cake with intention and expect to create those captivating cake designs that you always dreamed of.  

OR…you can ignore my advice and continue to ‘go with the flow’ with no plan, which means that time and time again, you’ll be left with a thrown together mess instead of the stunning cake you were hoping for. 

Let’s face it – a rushed, ‘thrown together’ cake can’t even compete with a cake that has been thoroughly planned and designed with purpose.

I get it – It’s easy for me to say ‘pre-plan your cakes’ and ‘be intentional’…but it’s kinda hard to implement that advice when you don’t really know where to begin or what it even means.

That’s why I decided to create my class ‘Planning For Cake Perfection’. 

This class is your ULTIMATE go-to guide for creating kickass cakes, where you’ll learn *exactly* what is involved in the pre-planning process and what it truly means to design your cake with intention.

You’ll be able to plan, bake, create and learn, without worrying that you’re running out of time or that your cake design is not going to come together as you hoped (nope, that’s not happening on my watch!).

You can say goodbye to guessing  games, wasted time, stress and disappointment…

…say HELLO to killer confidence, ultimate organisation and stunning cakes!

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Every cake is ‘designed’ – whether it’s well designed or badly designed is up to the decorator. Make the choice to design intentionally.

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