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Kick Start Your Professional

At Commie’s Cupcakes, we’ve built a membership hub with cake decorating classes tailored to help you achieve your dream of crafting those gorgeous cakes you see online.

You’ll learn everything you need to produce awe-inspiring, mouth-watering cakes that will have all of your friends and family saying, “how did you do that?”


Join our free online membership for cake decorating tutorial videos, must-read cheat sheets and worksheets filled with expert hacks, so you can follow along step-by-step how to jumpstart your cake decorating designs without leaving the house (yes, you can even do it in your PJs!). 🙌 

Boss Bakers Classes

“Is this for me?”

Now I can hear what you’re saying, “Amber, I can already bake, are the online cake tutorials in your membership hub really going to help?”  🤔

Yes! This membership hub allows you to continue your cake decorating learning online so you can learn at your own pace in your own home and pick up some handy hacks along the way.

You'll get rare insights to the often-overlooked cake decorating design knowledge you need to make your cakes really pop.

What are the membership perks?

  • Membership is free, and you’ll receive surprise offers, mind-blowing cake decorating insights, and amazing free content when you sign up.
  • With instant access to premium in-depth cake decorating tutorials, you'll only pay for the classes you want.
  • Of course, you can stay on as a free member and enjoy the free goodies in our membership hub. 🎉

Plus, there’s almost zero effort for you to sign up, just enter a few quick details and you’re in!

So, what are you waiting for?