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The Bakers Dozen Preset Collection

Make your cakes come to life with one simple click!

It’s the no fuss, quick editing solution for cake decorators and cake hobbyists.

Half the fun of baking and decorating is sharing your sweet creation with the world. Good quality photos allow you to capture those intricate details of your cake and showcase your incredible skills.

You know what they say…a picture is worth a thousand words. First impressions count!


Skip the guesswork and

The Bakers Dozen Preset Collection is for you if:

  • You primarily take photos of your cakes using your phone.

  • You want a no fuss, quick editing solution that’ll ensure your creations are #pinterestworthy every time

  • You want the quality of your photos to reflect the stunning cake you created

  • You don’t have the time or patience to learn Photoshop and the array of tools in mobile editing apps can be confusing to navigate…you want something simple to use!

  • You find editing your photos is a real time sucker – because it’s tricky to get right – and your time is valuable!


You’ll wonder what you ever did without them!



13 PRESETS + Install pdf guide and video

Thirteen presets specifically designed to combat common editing issues and enhance your phone photos 

Compatible with the free Lightroom mobile app only.

How it

Step 1:

Download the FREE Lightroom Mobile App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Step 2:

Follow our step-by-step install guide to set up your new mobile presets in the free mobile app.

Step 3:

Start editing stunning cake photos with only one click of a button.


These are mobile presets for editing phone images! All you need is to download the free version of the Lightroom mobile app to use them.

After you click the link to purchase the presets, you’ll be navigated to your member’s page in the Boss Bakers Membership Hub, where you can download the presets, plus the install guide and start installing.

Nope! These presets are yours forever. Simply redownload the presets (found in your original purchase/confirmation email), into your new phone. 

Can’t find your original email with the download? Simply email me at and I can resend you the download.

You only need two things to use the presets: a camera phone and the free version of the Lightroom mobile app. That’s it! 

Presets are amazing – they make it easy to edit stunning photos quickly and fix common photo issues with ease. BUT…they can’t magically fix terrible lighting, bad angles or cluttered backdrops. Edited photos are only as good as your photo setup. 

So if you need that little extra help with photographing your cakes, then I’ve got you covered. Click here to watch my FREE video ‘5 Pro Tips to Transform your Cake Photos’. It’s full of practical tips that you can implement straight away into your photography. Goodluck!

Editing your cake photos will make them appear clearer and brighter, it will also allow you to correct colours and enable you to highlight the details of your cake (which would otherwise be missed in a poorly lit photo).

Sometimes your photo might be too dark or the camera didn’t pick up certain colours on your cake. These are great instances where you can utilise The Bakers Dozen Preset Collection to edit your cake photos to reflect your cake in real life.

This is what you’ve been waiting for

Transform your cake photos with just one simple click!


$ 74 AUD
  • 13 Premium Presets
  • Step by Step Install Guide
  • Video How-to Guide
Presets are a base to work from and not an automatic ‘one preset fits all photos’ filter. Each preset works differently on each photo depending on the lighting, tone, brightness, darkness, subjects etc and may need to be tweaked to suit the image. These presets are compatible with MOBILE ONLY with the free mobile Lightroom app.


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