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Are you guilty of insulting your own cake work in front of your clients (paying or otherwise)? 

When a client arrives to pick up their cake order, do you instantly start to point out all the faults?

“The colour didn’t turn out the right shade of blue, but I feel it’s close enough to what you want”.

“Sorry, there’s just a couple of air-bubbles on the cake, but you can barely see them. Just make sure this side of the cake faces the front”.

“Do you like it? I wasn’t sure if you’d like what I did with the bow…”.

“The cake may have over-cooked in the oven. Let me know if it is and I can give you a small refund”.


Trust me, those small ‘throw-away’ insults are damaging your reputation (and you probably don’t even realise it) #moreharmthangood 

Here’s what happens when you criticize your own work in front of your clients:

  • You’re unintentionally telling people that you’re incompetent...customers will question your abilities and wonder if it was a good decision to hire you.

  • If you’re unlucky, some clients will wonder why you didn’t fix these ‘faults’ and assume that you’re giving them a faulty product. Don’t be surprised if they ask for a partial refund.

  • It’s a mood killer. People are excited to see their cake for the first time, but instead they’re met with negativity upon the big reveal. Totally kills the happy vibe.

It’s time to kick Negative Nancy to the curb and become more mindful about how your behaviour is affecting your business.

Take the effort to recognise how you talk about your cake work in front of your clients. Your main focus should be on creating a welcoming and positive experience when your customers arrive to pick up their order.

Client says: “Wow, this looks amazing!”

You should say: “Thank you! I’m so happy that I could create this cake for your special day”.


“Thank you! Knowing you’re a fan of *insert subject here*, I thought you’d appreciate this added detail of *fill in blank*”.

Make your comments positive and centred around your client. The more confident you are (or at least appear to be) about your skills, your client in-turn will mirror your confidence about your cake work, and remember the positive experience they shared with you.

Now isn't that the type of positive impression you want to be known for?



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