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Hands up  if you’re guilty of asking your inexperienced-in-cake friends or family members for feedback on your cakes?

*you shyly raise your hand*

Don’t worry, I’m not about to shame you.

In fact, I think it’s bluddy great that you’re asking for feedback - because it clearly means you're eager to learn and improve your cake skills #lovethatcakelife

Here's the thing won’t get good advice from people who have no cake decorating experience and aren’t trained in design  #truthbomb

Your friends and family ‘oooh’ and ‘ahhh’...but they’re meant to, right? You don’t get that constructive feedback you were hoping for...

Or they DO give you their opinion, but you know deep in your gut that their advice is misguided (because yeah...lack of experience). 

So you graciously accept their feedback, but you internally scream “No, I DON’T need to add flowers to my Batman cake Aunty Sandra”. 

And sometimes? Even when you’re not sold on their advice, you follow it anyway out of a dire need for direction. Then there’s that instant regret when you’ve finished your cake and it still looks like crap.


Here’s 3 ways that’ll help you get the feedback and experience you need to create those gorgeous ‘Pinterest-worthy’ cakes:

  1. Talk to experienced cake decorators to get honest, constructive feedback on your work (think your local cake club or local cake teachers)

  2. Invest in online or in-person cake classes to learn new skills and refine your technique. Free videos and blog posts are great for picking up pointers and handy tips, but they can only take you so far. Investing in your education allows you to grow in leaps and bounds.

  3. Consider approaching professional cake decorators to mentor or coach you <<< or alternatively ask for work experience at a local cake shop.

If you want valuable advice that’ll take your decorating to the next level, always turn to the professionals.

P.s. I’m still guilty of asking my Mum for feedback...but I only do it to seek approval in those moments of self doubt. Just know that I take her advice with a grain of salt, because I know I’m good at what I do and I have years of experience to back me up. Build up your cake and design experience and Trust. Your. Gut. You got this! 


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