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are fondant cutters and moulds killing our industry?

*police siren*

‘Everyone, back away from your cakes and handover all fondant moulds and cutters. This is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill’.

There’s an epidemic that’s taking the cake world by storm.

What is it?

Excessive use of cake decorating moulds and cutters *insert dramatic sound effect*.

These tools are killing our industry and you probably don’t even know it. 

*Side-eyes cute butterfly cutter*.

Did you know there are now moulds that can replicate the appearance of buttercream icing and ruffle fondant techniques? 

Although I don’t want to be…I’m pretty damn impressed.

I see the appeal – I really do – but I can’t help feel that it’s now gone too far and we’re stunting our potential talent and skill. 

Here’s my main three points against excessive mould and cutter use:

  • Each cake looks like they’ve come out of a factory – everything is too perfect and sterile.
    The magic of handcrafted cakes are those human touches and “flaws” that give your cake character and personality. If you want people to feel connected with what you’re creating, you have to put in some good old fashioned TLC.
  • It kills the need for actual skill and creativity
    When everyone’s using the same cutters and moulds, a majority of cakes look very generic and similar. There’s no inventiveness or creative flair to the design – nothing that ‘wow’s’ people…You just blend in with the sea of other ‘mould & cutter’ mainstream cakes.
    Also? Goodluck trying to problem solve any creative issues or mishaps when you have little skill development.
  • It cheapens our industry
    When a majority of cakes can be decorated by using moulds, what’s that saying to people about our industry? It completely undervalues the handcrafted work and amazing talent by more skilled decorators. 

In a perfect world, I’d say ditch moulds altogether, step away from mainstream cakes and develop your skills and style by creating more handcrafted pieces.

Still gotta use moulds and cutters? Only use them sparingly or in a creative way.

Otherwise I feel this industry is going to be over-run by generic cutter cakes, which will essentially de-value our industry and create an environment where natural talent and creative skills aren’t needed.

So here’s to developing our talents and creating beautiful handcrafted cakes! Let’s keep this incredible industry thriving. 

4 thoughts on “are fondant cutters and moulds killing our industry?”

  1. Hi I understand where you are coming from but by using cutters and moulds you save on time which means your prices are competitive and have a better chance in getting the order.

    1. Hey Laura,
      I completely agree that cutters and moulds can be a massive time saver when you’re churning out cake after cake. However I don’t believe that you have a better chance of getting a cake order by being competitive with your prices. It’s proven that people will pay more money for a custom or handcrafted cake. Ultimately, people pay for what they value, it just all depends on how you market your business (do you show your customers your value and sell them an experience?) and who your target audience is.

      Can I tell you about my own personal experience? I’m a cake decorator that predominately made cupcakes. I showcased my value and marketed myself effectively to target high end clients. Guess how much people would pay for my cupcakes? A whopping $9aud EACH! They could have chosen any Mary-Sue down the road who sold their cupcakes for $3.00aud each, but they knew by employing my services that they’d receive something unique and special. Just goes to show that it really isn’t all about the price.

      In general though, handcrafted or not, you definitely need to learn to be speedy and save on time, especially when creating your cake foundations (baking, stacking and covering). It’s easy to spend far too long trying to perfect that cake edge (I’m definitely guilty on that one). Ultimately, the faster you work through the foundations, the more time you can dedicate to the fun part – the decorating! Plus? Working faster = more profit. Cha-ching!

  2. I completely agree! It’s impressive that they have molds that imitate ruffles now, but what I love about ruffles is the free-flowing effect they allow for. But I couldn’t agree more with everything you said!

    1. Great to hear your share the same thoughts! There are some impressive fondant moulds available, but like you said, the beauty of the ruffle (for instance) is in the organic, free-flowing wave. Ruffles created from a mould look too symmetrical and perfect for my liking. Here’s to more handcrafted cakes and developing our own natural talent!

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