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Display cake, fake cake or dummy cake - whatever you want to call em’ - are our unlikely (and often underestimated) cake buddy.

Styrofoam cake substitutes don’t seem quite inviting...but let me tell ya, they can save you heaps of time and cake wastage. 

If you haven’t utilised styrofoam cake dummies in your decorating, then I encourage you to reconsider! Here’s my top four reasons why you need to start using dummy cakes:

1. You can build your portfolio
Don’t wait around for the right cake order to show off your preferred cake style or talents. Instead, why not take some initiative? Build your cake decorating portfolio utlising cake dummies to showcase your cake style and the type of orders (and consequently clientele) you want to attract.

2. Freedom to practice new techniques
Dummy cakes are perfect for practicing new decorating techniques. You can take your sweet time learning and experimenting without the time and costs of baking and prepping a real cake.

Bonus? You don’t have to worry about mucking up a real cake, so there’s no added pressure to get your cake techniques perfect the first time round. Cheers to no cake wastage!

3. They're reusable
Cake dummies can be reused again and again. Need I say more?

4. A great alternative for cake
You’ll have some customers who want to order an extravagant, multi-tiered cake but only have a small guest list. Your problem? There’s way too much cake for such a small guest list, which leads to major food wastage.

This is where dummy cakes are a great alternative for multi-tiered cakes - simply replace real cake tiers with their dummy counterparts. This means there’s less food wastage and the customer can still have the cake design they envisioned for their event. It’s a win-win situation!

Let me know your thoughts on dummy cakes in the comments below! Do you utilise or scrutinise? 

4 thoughts on “4 major benefits for using dummy cakes (aka fake cake)”

  1. I am always a little hesitant using dummy cakes to practice on because I feel if you apply a technique to a dummy cake it doesn’t always have the same outcome on a real cake. Having said that I think it is a good idea to use dummies to make a cake look bigger if you don’t need all that cake. I don’t believe it works out much cheaper than a real cake. The cost of the cake is equivalent to the cost of the dummy. You only really save on the filling. I would love your thoughts on this Commie.

    1. Hey Laura,
      Thanks for commenting!

      I agree with you - you aren't really saving any money by replacing real cake with dummy cake. It's unfortunate that brides (in particular) are told to request dummy cakes for this specific reason when it's honestly not the case at all.

      Re practising on dummy cakes, I'd say the result is pretty darn close (if not the same) in my personal experience. Using dummy cakes as a practice tool really gives you the time and freedom to experiment, make mistakes and build your confidence. It truly allows you to develop a thorough understanding of the new technique you're learning.

      This is a huge advantage for when you go to decorate your actual cake. You'll be able to easily troubleshoot any issues that may arise and you'll be able to work the new technique to your advantage for better design placement and details (for instance).

      Gone are the days of instant stress, panic and mad rush to fix a mistake when a technique went wrong (because the first time I practised was on a real cake order). I'd rather go into the situation with confidence and the knowledge to succeed. Never again could I willingly 'decorate blind'. Knowledge is power!

      I really encourage you to give 'dummy decorating' a go 🙂 I'd be keen to hear your thoughts and if you felt it made any difference to your confidence and how you approached decorating your final cake.

      Happy baking!

      1. Hi Amber I wanted to handprint a mountain scene on this weeks cake (can’t paint to save myself) so I decided to YouTube and practice on a dummy cake I had four attempts then finally was confident enough to paint on the actual cake. If it wasn’t for your blog I probably would have turned the order away. Thanks again.

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