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Let me introduce you to my favourite design tip. 

KISS <<< Keep It Simple Stupid. 

Here’s the reality: cluttering your cake with different decorations and ideas makes your cake appear unprofessional and overwhelming.

The thing is though…it’s hard to look at your own cake objectively. How can you tell if you went completely overboard with your fondant decorations and gone completely off track??

Well, here are three tell-tale signs that you need to KISS:

  1. You can’t focus
    You’ve got too many ideas going on that your eyes don’t even know where to look (it’s so overwhelming!) and there’s no visual flow to guide your eyes around the cake.


  2. People have to think too much 
    If people have to think too hard and ask questions to understand your cake design, then unfortunately you’ve missed the mark. It’s important to develop one clear main focal point or overarching idea to draw people in and create a lasting impression.


  3. Going in with no clear plan
    Decorating your cake with no clear plan means you’re 85% more likely to throw different ideas together with no thought process.  

Definitely not the impact you’re hoping for, right?

Which is why it’s time to get more intentional. 

Filter yourself before you even get that cake in the oven. Get a clear direction for your design by drawing up your ideas, stepping back and looking at the design objectively. Be intentional with your decorations and make sure every element has a reason to be there.

But here’s where people tend to trip up…

Keeping things simple isn’t about subtracting elements from a design just for the hell of being minimal.

The POINT is to reduce the non-essential ‘fluff’ elements to create a clear focus, smooth visual flow and produce a design that’s clean and impactful. 

THAT’S the key to creating a show-stopper cake that people can’t stop talking about. 

It’s true what they say…less is more. So remember to Keep It Simple Stupid! 

P.s If you need help with refining your ideas and working out the exact steps to design a cake, check out my class Planning For Cake Perfection.

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