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At Commie’s Cupcakes, your cake-making skills and cupcake ideas will be turbo-charged with must-have skills, design mastery, and a sprinkle of fun (for good measure).

I love to help daytime dabblers and weekend cake-baking warriors just like you become cake-maker extraordinaires with our popular online cake decorating classes and cake making courses, both available in our exclusive membership hub.

I’m all about cake decorating made easy, with an emphasis on improving and perfecting your craft, like learning how to improve your cake decorating ‘design’ skills, not just making pretty cake decorations.

You’ll master the cake decorating know-how and delve into the “why” of cake design, so you can make different cake decorations effortlessly.

You’ll walk away from our in-person and online classes with the confidence to create professional cake decorating at home that’ll wow your friends and colleagues with your expert skills (and mouth-watering cakes).

You can create mind-blowing creations that look like the ones you see on Pinterest boards and in stores (that are made by professional cake makers and decorators).

Commie’s Cupcakes professional cake decorating classes really are the icing on the cake.

Our Cake Classes and
Are for You if:

  • You’re shaking your head after each attempt to make your cakes look like the ones you see on Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. You ask yourself, “why can’t mine look like that?” Hint… it’s not the reason you think!
  • You’re whipping together cupcake decorating ideas, tactics and advice from 10 million places and frantically googling to find ways to improve your skills, but nothing seems to work…
  • You make good cakes right now. Your friends and family say so, but there are secrets to making them amazing. You just have to find out the tried-and-tested techniques but you’re completely lost at where to start...
  • You just know deep down in the pit of your stomach that you’re missing a crucial piece to your cake decorating puzzle, but you just can’t put your finger on it and you can’t find a reliable source.

Find the class that’s right for you today.

Hey, I’m Amber Comadira-Smith (aka Commie), the founder of Commie’s Cupcakes.

I love helping people realise their dream of becoming a master cake maker and decorator through online cake decorating classes, where they can learn how to improve and perfect their cake decorating designs.

For me, it’s a piece of cake.


This Certainly Takes the Cake

Feast your eyes on these snapshots of my professional cake decorating work, including my entry into 2017 Cake Masters Magazine Awards and 2018 ACDN Cake Decorating & Baking Industry Awards where I was a finalist in both Cupcake categories.


hear from some of my wonderful students


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